Advice on Photographs

The quality of the photograph I have to work from will inevitably affect the standard of your portrait, so take your time choosing your photograph. Here are some things to think about/ questions to ask yourself?

Is the picture large enough? Ideally a picture should at least be half the size you want the portrait to be. If you email me digital images please ensure they retain clarity if enlarged to this size. (Avoid mobile phone pictures as often they are too small and lack the clarity needed for a quality drawing)

If you are sending me a number of pictures please state which is your favourite. If they are over 1MB in size please send each picture individually by email.

Look at the picture can the eyes be seen clearly and check the pet/person is not squinting if it was taken in bright light.

Pictures taken outdoors are often best and for pets if you have a smooth coated breed choose ones that really show off the shine of your pets coat. Also check that the image has sufficient contrast, so are there both light and dark areas of the picture?

If in doubt e-mail/post me the pictures I am always happy to take a look and let you know if they are acceptable before taking your order.